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What Is Transformational Leadership and Why Is It Important?

Transformational leadership is a style of leadership that inspires employees to strive beyond required expectations to work toward a shared vision. This ty..

Leadership Compass: What Type of Leader Are You?

A leadership compass helps you to learn more about your leadership style. It is a great starting point to shape and improve your leadership skills continuously.

Self Assessments

Are You a Confident Leader? [Self-Assessment Test]

Discover your leadership style and evaluate your confidence level with our self-assessment test and become an effective leader.

Are You a Micromanager? [Self-Assessment Test]

Take this self-assessment test to find out if you are a micromanager and learn how to become a better leader.

Are You Open to Change at Work? [Self-Assessment Test]

Find out if you are open to change at work with our quick and easy self-assessment test!

Do You Run Meetings Effectively? [Self-Assessment Test]

Find out how effective your meeting management skills are with our quick and easy self-assessment test on running meetings.

Empowerment: Do You Support Your Team's Growth? [Self-Assessment Test]

Discover how supportive you are in promoting your team's growth with our Empowerment self-assessment test today.

Risk-Taking: Are You a Bold Leader? [Self-Assessment Test]

Discover if you have what it takes to be a bold leader with our self-assessment test on risk-taking – take the first step towards success today!

Leadership and Management

What Are the Top Priorities of a Leader?

Learn the top priorities of a leader with insights from a seasoned leadership coach and entrepreneur.

How Does Poor Leadership Cause Conflict?

Learn the effects of poor leadership in the workplace, including how it can cause conflict, reduced productivity, high turnover, and even legal issues.

Here Is Why Clear Expectations Are Important in the Workplace

In this blog post, I discuss how clear expectations in the workplace promote effective communication, increase productivity, and foster a sense of accountability among employees.

How to Set Clear Expectations for Remote Employees

Learn how to set clear expectations, guidelines, and policies for your remote employees to create a productive, organized and harmonious remote team, with important tips and suggestions.

The Benefits of Setting Clear Expectations for Employees

This blog post explores the benefits of setting clear expectations for employees and the positive impact it has on job performance, employee satisfaction, and employer-employee relationships.

Why Are Managers Not Leaders?

In this article, I explain the differences between managers and leaders, why companies need both, and how to foster a culture of growth and innovation.

Famous Leaders

The Transformational Leadership of Malcolm X

Discover the unique characteristics that made Malcolm X a transformative leader and the ways in which his leadership continues to inspire change and progress today in this in-depth blog post.

Is Elon Musk a Social Entrepreneur?

Explore the various factors that contribute to Elon Musk's status as a potential social entrepreneur, weighing the pros and cons of his methods and impact.

The Leadership Qualities of King Solomon

Learn about the leadership qualities of King Solomon, including his commitment to fairness and justice and adaptability and flexibility, and how they can be applied in leadership contexts.

The Leadership Qualities of Cristiano Ronaldo

Learn about the leadership qualities of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and how they can be applied to the business world.

The Leadership Qualities of Justin Trudeau

This blog post highlights the leadership qualities of Justin Trudeau, including his emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, inclusivity and diversity, communication skills, and adaptability.

The Leadership Qualities of Sir Michael Somare

Learn about the essential leadership qualities exemplified by Sir Michael Somare, the former Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, and how they can inspire and guide future leaders in any field.

Business and Entrepreneurship

How to Include Startup Experience on Your Resume

Learn how to effectively showcase your startup experience on your resume to stand out from other candidates and demonstrate your unique skills and achievements.

When Does a Startup Need to Be Registered?

Learn when and how to register your startup to ensure compliance with the law and set your business up for success.

Who Is Responsible for Setting the Pricing Strategy?

Learn about the process and factors of setting a pricing strategy including market research, cost analysis, input from sales and marketing teams and the role of the CEO or Board.

The Best Pricing Strategy for a Clothing Boutique

Learn the best pricing strategies for a clothing boutique, including cost-plus, dynamic, value-based and the importance of communicating value to customers for a successful business.

The Pricing Strategy of Kohl's

Discover the secrets behind Kohl's pricing strategy and learn how the company offers value-oriented products to its customers through clearance sales, dynamic pricing, and more.

The Pricing Strategy of Red Bull

Learn the secrets behind Red Bull's pricing strategy and how they use consumer behavior, psychological pricing techniques, distribution, promotion, and market competition to set their prices.

Transformational Leadership

Becoming a Transformational Leader: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn the skills needed to become a transformational leader with this comprehensive guide from an experienced entrepreneur and leadership coach.

Building Trust Through Transformational Leadership

Learn how transformational leadership enables leaders to build trust in their teams and organizations - leading to higher engagement, productivity, and stronger relationships.

Crisis Management: The Role of Transformational Leadership

Learn how to manage crises effectively with transformational leadership, and motivate your team to solve problems through creativity, communication, emotional intelligence, vision, and continuous learning.

Developing Transformational Leadership Skills: A Practical Guide

Learn practical ways to develop transformational leadership skills for success in the workplace with this guide by an experienced leader and entrepreneur.

How Transformational Leadership Boosts Employee Engagement

Learn how transformational leadership can increase employee engagement, drive innovation, and boost organizational success.

How Transformational Leadership Can Reduce Workplace Stress

Learn how to reduce workplace stress and promote employee well-being with transformational leadership in this guide from an experienced leadership coach.

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