Become A Leader That People Admire

Leadership Skills

How to provide constructive criticism in the workplace

Here is everything you need to know about constructive criticism, destructive criticism, why it is so important, and a list of examples.

Dec 2021, 13 min read

How to Build Leadership Integrity and Why It Is Important

This article will cover five important parts of leadership integrity. And how you can apply these to become a better, more trusted leader.

Nov 2021, 11 min read

How to Write Better Business Emails

This article covers ten practical tips and an example that will help you to write better business emails.

Oct 2021, 12 min read

Setting SMART goals for effective leadership

This article covers how to apply SMART goals for effective leadership. Learn what they are and how they can make a huge difference.

Oct 2021, 7 min read

Famous Leaders

12 Leadership Qualities of Martin Luther King

What can we learn from the top leadership qualities of Martin Luther King to become better leaders ourselves?

Dec 2021, 8 min read

10 Examples of Great Leaders Admitting Their Mistakes

Here are ten examples of great leaders admitting that they made a mistake and what they learned.

Nov 2021, 10 min read

9 Leadership Qualities of Bill Gates

Which leadership qualities made Bill Gates so successful? And what can we learn from him to become better leaders ourselves?

Nov 2021, 7 min read

11 Leadership Qualities of Abraham Lincoln

Which leadership qualities made Abraham Lincoln an exceptional leader? And what can we learn from him to become better leaders ourselves?

Nov 2021, 7 min read

Leadership Theory

The Five Principles of Ethical Leadership

Learn about the five principles of ethical leadership and how they can shape an organization and its employees to be more productive.

Dec 2021, 11 min read

Leadership Lessons From Ants

Ants have no plans, no CEO, and still, millions of ants work perfectly in harmony. What does that tell us about leadership?

Dec 2021, 11 min read

Leading By Example: 10 Famous Quotes

From John Maxwell to Albert Schweitzer, here is our top ten of quotes about leading by example.

Nov 2021, 7 min read

Leadership Compass: What Type of Leader Are You?

A leadership compass helps you to learn more about your leadership style. It is a great starting point to shape and improve your leadership skills continuously.

Nov 2021, 11 min read

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