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9 Leadership Qualities of Bill Gates

Which leadership qualities made Bill Gates so successful? And what can we learn from him to become better leaders ourselves?


Leadership Skills

Employee Involvement and Motivation - How Are They Related?

How are employee involvement and motivation related? And how does employee motivation influence your company's bottom line?

11 Tips to Make Small Talk to Your Customers

Only a few individuals are born with the ability to make small talk. Here are some tips to help you with small talk and establish vital ties with your customers.

14 Tips to Make Small Talk With Your Employees

Here are some tips to assist you in overcoming any anxiety and improve your ability to initiate and sustain discussions with your staff.

Famous Leaders

14 Leadership Traits and Qualities of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had a rough start in his life, but he could turn it around and become one of the most powerful leaders in the world. What qualities and traits as a leader helped him do well?

13 Leadership Traits and Qualities of John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy's leadership left a lasting legacy that everyone will remember. Which leadership qualities and traits helped John F. Kennedy do well?

7 Leadership Traits and Qualities of Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is a famous historical leader well ahead of his time. But what leadership skills did he have?

Leadership Theory

Can a Leader be Effective Without An Ethical Foundation?

It is important to consider the role of ethical leadership and how culture and results work together. But can an unethical leader be effective?

How Does Teamwork Increase Job Satisfaction?

Job satisfaction and other benefits of most careers may be increased through teamwork. Here are a few instances of how it improves employee morale.

Top 8 Reasons Why Your Employees Become Complacent

Do you ever feel like your employees have stopped trying? Here are the top eight reasons why employees become complacent.

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