Are You a Transformational Leader? [Self-Assessment Test]

Transformational leadership is a leadership style that inspires and motivates team members to not only work harder but also strive for personal and professional growth.

It is a key skill for you to have as an effective leader, as it promotes positive change and promotes a healthy work culture.

Transformational leaders are known to create visions, set goals, and encourage their team members to achieve them. They also provide support and resources to their team members, build trust, and empower their team to take risks and make decisions.

A transformational leader understands the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and provides individualized support and training opportunities to help each team member grow.

It is important in the workplace because it benefits both the leader and the team members.

Leaders who are transformational can create a positive work environment, which leads to higher job satisfaction and increased productivity. This leadership style also allows team members to feel valued and empowered, which can lead to improved work performance and a desire to stay with the company long-term.

An example of a transformational leader is Tony Hsieh, the founder and CEO of Zappos.

Hsieh implemented a radical company culture, offering unique perks such as paid training programs, a customer loyalty team that exceeds expectations, and a focus on employee happiness. All of this has contributed to a loyal and hardworking team and a company culture that is renowned for its excellence.

If you want to know whether you possess the qualities of a transformational leader or not, take the self-assessment test below.

It will help you identify the strengths and areas of opportunity for you to become a more effective transformational leader.

Self Assessment Test

To conduct the self-assessment, simply answer all questions, and click the calculate results button at the end.

I inspire and empower my team members.
I regularly communicate a clear vision and mission to my team.
I actively listen to my team member's feedback and suggestions.
I encourage creativity and innovation within my team.
I lead by example and set high standards for myself and my team.
I am willing to take calculated risks and make difficult decisions.
I recognize and praise my team members' accomplishments and hard work.
I provide my team members with development and growth opportunities.
I am transparent and honest with my team members.
I regularly provide constructive feedback and coaching to my team members.
I foster a positive and inclusive team culture.
I am adaptable and agile in response to change and challenges.
I promote collaboration and teamwork within my team.
I value and leverage diversity within my team.
I am committed to the growth and success of my team and organization.

Your Score: / 60

Interpreting Your Results

0 - 20 Points

If you scored 0-20 points on this self-assessment test, it may indicate that you may not possess many of the characteristics associated with transformational leadership. You may want to consider learning more about transformational leadership and identifying areas where you could improve your leadership skills.

21 - 40 Points

If you scored 21-40 points on this self-assessment test, it may indicate that you have some of the characteristics associated with transformational leadership but there’s still much room for improvement. It is recommended to identify specific areas where you can enhance your skills further through various trainings or studying transformational leadership literature.

41 - 60 Points

If you scored 40-60 points on this self-assessment test, congratulations, it indicates that you possess the characteristics of transformational leadership. Your score suggests that you have a strong desire to motivate, inspire and empower your team, and you’re able to bring out the best in them. Keep up the great work and continue to learn and grow in your leadership role.

Five Tips to Become a Better Transformational Leader

If you have just completed a self-assessment and discovered that you have room for improvement in becoming a transformational leader, don’t worry.

Becoming a transformational leader is a journey, and with the right mindset, willingness to learn, and commitment to improvement, you can become a better transformational leader.

Here are five quick tips to help you develop and improve your transformational leadership skills:

1. Develop a Clear Vision

To become a transformational leader, you need a clear vision of what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, and why it is essential. Your vision should inspire and motivate your team to work towards your goals. As a transformational leader, you need to communicate your vision effectively, engage your team members in the vision, and make them feel that their contributions are valued.

2. Show Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings and perspectives of others. As a transformational leader, you need to show empathy, understanding, and support for your team members. You should create an environment where they feel safe to voice their opinions, concerns, feedback, and ideas. When your team members feel that you care about them and their needs, they will be more motivated and engaged, which will lead to better results.

3. Foster Collaboration

To become a transformational leader, you need to foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork. You should encourage your team to work together, communicate effectively, and share information and ideas. Collaboration helps to break down silos and barriers, promotes creativity and innovation, and leads to better solutions and outcomes. You also need to lead by example and participate in collaborative activities to set the tone and establish a standard of behavior.

4. Provide Feedback and Recognition

Transformational leaders provide regular feedback and recognition to their team members. Feedback helps to improve performance, correct mistakes, and reinforce positive behaviors. Recognition encourages and motivates team members to continue doing excellent work and serves as a form of appreciation and gratitude. You should provide specific, timely, and actionable feedback and recognition to your team members to help them grow and develop into better leaders.

5. Continue to Learn and Grow

Becoming a transformational leader is a continuous process that requires self-reflection, self-awareness, and a willingness to learn and grow. You should invest in your leadership development by attending training, reading books and articles, and seeking mentorship and coaching. You should also seek feedback from others and be open to constructive criticism. When you continue to learn and grow, you become a more effective and successful transformational leader.

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