Famous Leaders

How Martin Luther King Jr Showed Courage

Martin Luther King Jr. showed immense courage during his lifetime. He was an incredibly effective leader and organizer, and he always advocated for..

The Factors That Helped Kennedy Win the Election of 1960

1960 was a watershed year for American politics. The country was coming out of a decade of Cold War tension and conflict, and was ready for a change. John..

What Martin Luther King Said About Respect

Respect is one of the most important values that Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for. In his famous 'I Have a Dream' speech, he talked about how respect is..

The Autocratic Leadership Style of John F. Kennedy

The autocratic leadership style of John F. Kennedy was very effective in getting things done and in keeping people in line. He was very charismatic and had..

The Autocratic Leadership Style of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the most successful military commanders in history. His tactics and strategies were legendary, and his leadership style was a..

The Autocratic Leadership Style of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was an autocratic leader. His meticulous eye for details and his willingness to surround himself with like-minded individuals made him an effect..

The Transformational Leadership Style of Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great example of a person who exhibited transformational leadership. He used his transformational leadership skills to fight ..

Was Churchill an Autocratic Leader?

Churchill was an autocratic leader in the sense that he was a strong and decisive leader who was not afraid to make tough decisions. However, he was also a..

How Napoleon Bonaparte Changed the World

Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most influential figures in history. His military campaigns and political acumen changed the course of the world.

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