Leadership Theory

The Five Principles of Ethical Leadership

Learn about the five principles of ethical leadership and how they can shape an organization and its employees to be more productive.

Dec 2021, 11 min read

Leadership Lessons From Ants

Ants have no plans, no CEO, and still, millions of ants work perfectly in harmony. What does that tell us about leadership?

Dec 2021, 11 min read

Leading By Example: 10 Famous Quotes

From John Maxwell to Albert Schweitzer, here is our top ten of quotes about leading by example.

Nov 2021, 7 min read

Leadership Compass: What Type of Leader Are You?

A leadership compass helps you to learn more about your leadership style. It is a great starting point to shape and improve your leadership skills continuously.

Nov 2021, 11 min read

What is the Coaching Leadership Style?

A coaching leadership style can be highly effective. But what is it exactly? And when should you use it?

Nov 2021, 12 min read

How to Create a SWOT Analysis on Your Own Leadership

If you want to become a better leader, start with a SWOT analysis of your own leadership skills.

Nov 2021, 10 min read

Leadership Cannot Be Taught: True or False?

Whether leadership can be taught is a question that has been debated for years. Is it true that leadership can't be taught?

Nov 2021, 7 min read

Business Email Communication Statistics You Need to Know

People receive around 126 emails per day. Learn how to leverage this and other statistics to improve your business email communication.

Oct 2021, 8 min read

18 Characteristics of Charismatic Leadership

Learn about the top 18 characteristics that a person must have to be able to lead with charismatic leadership.

Oct 2021, 11 min read

Leadership vs. Supervision - What's the Difference?

There are several key differences between being a leader and a supervisor. Learn about the differences and how you can become a true leader that people admire.

Oct 2021, 12 min read

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