Bolt makes it simple to collect visual feedback on your live sites or static design files.

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Design feedback is messy. Long email chains, unclear comments and multiple revisions can make the feedback process longer than it needs to be.

Bolt enables you to quickly and easily collect feedback on your live site or JPG/PNG/SVG design files to help you build better products and save time.

Create public or private feedback boards for full privacy control, and add multiple pages to each board to keep everything in one place.


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How much does it cost?

We have a free plan and a $24/m (or $230/year) plan.

How is Bolt different from the feedback feature in HotJar?

The visual feedback feature on HotJar allows visitors to leave feedback on your website or app. Our product isn't aimed at collecting feedback from visitors - it's for collecting design feedback from team members, project stakeholders and clients.

The process is also different; HotJar uses an embeddable widget, which doesn't work with static design files. Bolt enables you to upload a live URL or a static design file (JPG/PNG/SVG) in order to collect feedback, all from within the Bolt website (no external code required). It's perfect for collecting feedback on early design iterations and/or staging websites (pre-launch).

Can I comment or collaborate on feedback that was received?

Yes - you can comment and/or mark as completed. We'll also be adding attachments in the near future.

Can Bolt be used to collect feedback on mobile websites as well?

Yes and no. We don't yet have a tablet/mobile view for live URLs (that is coming soon!), but you can upload any image you'd like, e.g. of a mobile view.

We have a really extensive post-launch roadmap and adding tablet + mobile views is near the top of the list. We'll also be adding guest commenting, in-app notifications + email notifications and a lot more.

Where in the design process is Bolt typically used?

The key to using Bolt is to tie it into any review periods. For example, once wireframes have been created, once a UI has been implemented, or once the front-end is launched and any issues/bugs need to be fixed.

Typically, these processes require feedback / testing, which is made easier by using Bolt.

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