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Exploding Niches

Concise and actionable insights into the skyrocketing niches

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Damocles Analytics

AI-Driven Geopolitical Research platform for analysts, journalists, and writers.



Horizon is the perfect way to keep track of tasks and assign to long term goals.

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FireLemon Creative

The fresh creative agency for hot tech. We help tech startups reach audiences effectively.

RentBook Mobile App-logo

RentBook Mobile App

Property Management Simplified

Viadog Subscriptions-logo

Viadog Subscriptions

We help you get more from your Shopify and ReCharge subscription orders.



Its like Autosave for your e-Commerce store. Shopify,WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento,Wix

Unintended Consequences-logo

Unintended Consequences

I help people understand systems from tech, business, and policy.

News Comment-logo

News Comment

An unbiased political news aggregator you can comment on.

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The hottest startups in your feed.

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The hottest startups in your feed.

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