Top 7 Books on Charismatic Leadership

Some of the most influential leaders of all time were labeled as charismatic leaders. It is considered the most effective form of leadership. Many businesses and organizations of any size seem to be drawn to the idea of charismatic leadership. The question has been asked whether charisma is something that a person is born with or learned.

When the question is posed concerning the effectiveness of charismatic leadership, one can’t help but look back at the lives of Gandhi, Winston Churchill, and Martin Luther King Jr. These well-known charismatic leaders were historically great at inspiring others.

We see the effectiveness of their leadership styles. We can’t help but desire to mimic even a little bit of their personalities in hopes that we find similar success.

That is why we want to explore the top seven books on the market today concerning charismatic leadership.

Here is our selection of the top 7 books about charismatic leadership.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell

For over 30 years, John Maxwell has solidified his reputation as an effective communicator. One of his famous sayings is “make the complex simple.” This book shows the reader specific steps to follow those 21 laws. These leadership laws can be applied in the workplace, the family, community, or church setting. This book explores the lives of individuals who followed the laws of leadership, those who didn’t, and the outcome. The more laws you learn and can apply, the better you will become as a charismatic leader. You will find that people will be glad to follow you.

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Charismatic Leadership: The Skills You Can Learn to Motivate High Performance in Others by Kevin Murray

In this book, Kevin Murray shares his knowledge of Charismatic Leadership he has learned from over 45 years of experience. This book will show you how to become a powerful and charismatic influencer when interacting with your clients, peers, and colleagues. Kevin does an excellent job of explaining why charisma is essential in growing a corporation or business, enlarging your charismatic presence, becoming a problem solver, and expressing empathy. This powerful tool of a book has positive reviews from many CEOs and chairpersons from various industries.

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The 360 Degree Leader by John Maxwell

95% of leadership within a business or organization doesn’t come from the top of the ladder but from those in the middle. In John C. Maxwell’s book, the 360° leader, he will explain to you the foundational principles charismatic leaders can use to bring value and influence to their organizations. It doesn’t matter where they are on the organizational ladder. If you are at the top of the ladder, middle of the ladder, or bottom, you can lead up, lead across, or lead down. Just because you are not a prominent leader in an organization does not mean that you cannot be a charismatic leader with influence.

Incorporating these principles will give you the ability to influence others significantly and positively in every direction, becoming a 360-Degree Leader.

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Becoming a Person of Influence by John C. Maxwell

As one of America’s leading experts, John C. Maxwell teaches that you are influential in life if you connect with others in any way. You can increase your influence as a charismatic leader, no matter your vocation or aspirations.

In this book, he explains how to be more impactful, insightful, and positive when interacting with others - causing your personal and professional success to soar.

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Don’t Drop the Mic by T.D. Jakes

“The power of your words can change the world.” New York Times Best Selling Author, CEO of TDJ Enterprises, and spiritual leader of a megachurch in Dallas, TX, T.D. Jakes speaks to leaders about the power of effective communication (a character trait of a charismatic leader).

In “Don’t Drop the Mic,” the author explains:

  • Why does the way we speak and use our words matter?
  • Why speaking well on diverse topics in different types of audiences helps us get the desired results as an influential leader.
  • How to deliver a message, an email, or a powerful speech under the spotlight to connect with your listeners.
  • Why excellent communication as a charismatic leader is vital for building connectivity and community.
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The Charisma Guide: How to Be More Charismatic in All Areas of Your Life. Learn the Skills of Charm to Be a More Sociable and Likeable Person by Tom Anderson and Angelina Williams.

The charisma code within you will be unlocked when you apply the resources from this book. You will begin living your life in a charismatic way as a more pleasant, likable, charming, and successful person.

In this best-selling work, authors Anderson and Williams give you a blueprint to living life as an engaging, alluring, and intriguing individual.

In “The Charisma Guide,” you will learn:

  • Three critical components of being charismatic
  • How to quickly develop charismatic skills immediately
  • Importance of body language
  • Overcoming shyness and growing confidence
  • How small talk is powerful
  • Real-life case studies
  • How to communicate in any situation
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The Charismatic Leader: Behind the Mystique of Exceptional Leadership by Jay A. Conger

Jay A. Conger is a consultant to private and nonprofit companies. In addition, he serves as an associate professor of organizational behavior at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. His areas of expertise are organizational change, developing leaders, and management education.

In this book, you will see what makes a charismatic leader tick. The author analyses ways a leader can make more productive, optimistic, and confident subordinates while resurrecting a failing organization. Lastly, Conger gives excellent advice on hiring and training charismatic leaders.

The New York Times stated:

“Should be useful to the executive or manager who has fallen into a rut of ‘managership’ and needs some inspiration in the art of developing and executing a strategic vision, managing change, motivating the troops, and promoting entrepreneurship.”

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Final Thoughts

There are many more resources out there on the topic of charismatic leadership. However, the seven shared here would be a powerful tool in the tool belt of anyone, especially someone looking to become a charismatic leader., the seven shared here would be a powerful tool in the tool belt of anyone, especially someone looking to become a charismatic leader.

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