Business and Entrepreneurship

How to Include Startup Experience on Your Resume

Learn how to effectively showcase your startup experience on your resume to stand out from other candidates and demonstrate your unique skills and achievements.

When Does a Startup Need to Be Registered?

Learn when and how to register your startup to ensure compliance with the law and set your business up for success.

Who Is Responsible for Setting the Pricing Strategy?

Learn about the process and factors of setting a pricing strategy including market research, cost analysis, input from sales and marketing teams and the role of the CEO or Board.

The Best Pricing Strategy for a Clothing Boutique

Learn the best pricing strategies for a clothing boutique, including cost-plus, dynamic, value-based and the importance of communicating value to customers for a successful business.

The Pricing Strategy of Kohl's

Discover the secrets behind Kohl's pricing strategy and learn how the company offers value-oriented products to its customers through clearance sales, dynamic pricing, and more.

The Pricing Strategy of Red Bull

Learn the secrets behind Red Bull's pricing strategy and how they use consumer behavior, psychological pricing techniques, distribution, promotion, and market competition to set their prices.

What Pricing Strategy Do Vending Machines Use?

Discover the different pricing strategies used by vending machines to optimize profits, including location-based, demand-based, time-based and weather-based pricing in this informative blog post.

Why a Service Pricing Strategy Is Different and Difficult

Learn why service pricing can be difficult, and how to come up with the pricing strategy that best, including understanding the value, competition, flexibility, communication, experimentation, and psychology of pricing.

How Does a Fair Pricing Strategy Look Like?

Learn how to create a fair pricing strategy that maximizes profits while keeping customers happy by understanding costs, segmenting customers, testing and adjusting prices and being transparent.

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